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Our Story

Wrapping with love, beauty, and life every gift experience

The initial idea of creating Handmade eco-friendly fabric gift bags was conceived by  Marcela Fajardo; inspired by the joy of giving based on unique experiences and the love for the planet.  This Montrealer production and e-commerce company was born from the love of the most important woman in Marcela's life.

Séance Creative's gift bags are the beginning of a creative process that each person starts when they desire to spoil their loved one. We produce handmade, eco-responsible gift accessories. The editions are limited to the design and the fabrics lots   

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Our Mission

Providing beautiful, reusable gift wrapping accessories to create unique, unforgettable gift experiences that share the love for the planet. We have a voice based on our choices and actions. That's why we want to become a company that converts gift wrapping into a rewarding and value-creating experience (reusable, eco-friendly, and innovative).

If you are a nature or planet lover, an individual can be the first to create a gift bag. If you are a nature lover or a lover of the planet, a committed individual who cares about the environment, a person who is excited by the idea of making a positive impact in the lives of your loved ones and giving the best gifts to your friends and family, or if you are already accustomed to eco-responsible consumption or if you are interested in creating new eco-friendly actions in your daily life, we are delighted to welcome you among us, a beautiful, creative and eco-friendly community to accompany you throughout the process Proudly Quebecois but still global citizens, we support local producers and thank you for buying local.


We have a voice based on our choices and actions. That's why we want to become a company that converts gift wrapping into a rewarding and value-creating experience (reusable, eco-friendly, with a unique sense of sharing).

We also wish to contribute to the development of any small entrepreneur and creator with eco-responsible practices.

We offer the entrepreneur hub Collaborative Sessions so that these entrepreneurs can sell their products and continue the development of new habits of responsible consumption.

Living the experience of giving new lifeour gifts and fabrics 

Let's create together!

With us, giving a gift becomes a creation


Wrap your gifts with love

Select your bag's type or personalize your choice, create original gift options and make your gift a unique experience in connection with your emotions and commitments.


Unwrap and give a new opportunity to each creation

Discover your gift wrap and start imagining all the uses that could suit you, imagine what is hidden inside. 


Be part of a creative and ecologique experience

customers can also enjoy options or original gift ideas with the Collaborative Sessions Entrepreneur Hub staff who share the same eco-responsible values.


Creative Session gift bags

The bags are handmade from recycled fabrics and with a high-end eco-esthetic design. 90% of our bags are made from recycled fabrics and follow eco-responsible values that allow us to project a life expectancy of 5 to 10 years. We want to reduce the footprint generated by fabric waste as well as promote the reuse of gift bags that offer several possibilities to Reduce - Recycle - Reuse  We are aware of the impacts of the global textile industry, which is one of the most important economically, but also one of the most environmentally negative. We can create new green habits to revalue our textiles while keeping in mind our style.

Our fabric gift bags are perfect for keeping your gifts in a chic and reusable package. A beautiful, fun, and practical no-waste packaging, ideal for giving original gifts during the holidays like birthdays, Valentine's Day, or Christmas time. The bag is also part of the gift because it can be reused! You just have to be creative to find its next function! 

Set yourself apart with handmade packaging made in Quebec, in an environmentally sustainable way. No more need to use large quantities of paper to embellish your gifts, invest precious time looking for a box that is a little out of the ordinary, or go shopping for wrapping services.

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The designs are inspired by beauty and practicality

We have 2 ways to use to recover our fabrics: 

  • Sewing workshops: To make our products, we recuperate new materials from small sewing workshops, which would otherwise have ended up in the garbage. The workshops gave us the fabric parts.

  • Craftsmen or stores: Recovering new fabrics sold by craftsmen or fabric stores, whose scraps will not have a second life and will be thrown away.

If you are interested to donate your fabrics...

À la recherche des idées originales pour emballer tes cadeaux?

Pourquoi pas des emballages aussi originaux ? Your new gift-wrapping technique will show your unique touch and creativity all at once, an eco-friendly gift bag for every special occasion.
Bags for the bottle of wine to share ... Gift bags for cards, jewelry, wallets, or even airline tickets ... Candy bags or for any treat... Or the Furoshikis inspired by Japanese culture, originally designed to protect valued belongings, the Furoshiki technique has become an excellent alternative to gift wrap. 

You will also have the possibility to personalize your envelopes and make your immersion in the Creative Session world. The limit is your imagination.

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