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  • Tell us about your support for breast cancer awareness.
    We have a special line of products dedicated to supporting the fight against breast cancer. A portion of the proceeds from these products goes directly to the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation. Join us in making a difference! 💕
  • Where is Séance Créative located?
    Séance Créative is based in the city of Montreal. While we operate primarily as an online store, keep an eye out for our occasional physical events held in various locations. Check our Events section for upcoming gatherings. 📅
  • What's special about Séance Créative's virtual gift card?
    Our virtual gift card is the perfect present for any occasion. It never expires, giving your loved ones the freedom to pick their favorite sustainable products. Spread the joy of creativity while promoting a greener lifestyle.
  • What makes Séance Créative unique?
    At Séance Créative, we take pride in crafting products made from fabrics that factories would otherwise discard, reducing waste and promoting sustainability. Our commitment to repurposing materials sets us apart as an eco-conscious brand 🌎 ♻️
  • How can I support Séance Créative's mission?
    You can support our cause by shopping consciously and spreading the word about our eco-friendly products, also, you can donate fabrics in good condition that you no longer use. Together, we can make a positive impact on the environment and support meaningful initiatives.
  • Can I customize products according to my preferences?
    Absolutely! We love personalized touches. Choose your fabrics, colors, and styles to make our products uniquely yours. Let your creativity shine, and we'll bring your vision to life!
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